• F.H. King


Today, F.H. King had the amazing opportunity to talk with the founder of Micro Acres, David. Micro Acres is a microgreens farm based in Alberta, Canada, and is nothing short of being one of the best microgreens operations in the world.

So today, myself (Cooper – Outreach Director) and Sophia (Programming Director) sat down (virtually) with David to learn more about his business plan, their values and all things microgreens. This blog post will break down everything discussed, so that anyone can look back at in the future.

How did Micro Acres get started, and what is their mission?

David had been working in the restaurant business for almost 20 years. In that, he noticed a serious flaw and opportunity in how restaurants got their vegetables delivered. He left the official restaurant business and started Micro Acres in his basement (it has now grown to a much larger scale).

Their goal is to provide local, fresh microgreens that can be a substitute for salad as well as be an addition to pretty much any meal. One of their pillars is that they will never change the prices of their products so that any restaurant can access fresh microgreens as well as any customer who purchases directly from them.

What is their business model like?

David set his business up so that all the delivers are made within a 120 mile radius, making it super easy. He only grows indoors so that he can completely control all growing aspects and grow when he wants to throughout the year. Through many tactics, he streamlined the company so it could be incredibly successful with not having to do an absorbent amount of work (this part takes a lot of knowledge, skill, trial/error and dedication à this you will have to just work really hard to get set up like David and figure out what works best for you).

Why microgreens? Aren’t they just like mini-lettuce?

Yes, and no. They might look like mini lettuce or herbs, but they are far different. To break it down in simple terms, micro greens occur in the growing process that comes right after the plant sprouts (usually around 10 days). The “sprout”/plant that is grown, which there is a bunch of different varieties, has amazing flavors and can be added to literally any meal you have. They are really easy to grow in places that have limited growing areas like apartments or schools; like I said, David started his business in his basement.

Microgreens are a perfect for college students

Microgreens are really valuable in the culinary community. Like I stated earlier, they can be added to so many different things and are really flavorful. Since they can be grown in apartments, college students can grow a good amount of them with very little space and sell them. If this seems like a cool idea to you, David recommended a few things: first, learn to grow them and see what scale you can do it at. Then, if you want to connect with local business, it is as simple as going into a café and talking with the chef and see if you can set up a delivery program with them. It all starts with a conversation and then see where it goes from there. David said that as a side hustle, a college student could honestly make around $1,500 a month if they had a good model.

What are the best microgreens to get started with? (Recommended by David)

- Radishes

- Sunflowers

- Beans

- Broccoli

- Buckwheat

- Carrot

How to get started?

David said to just start by going on YouTube and watching videos from people who have been growing microgreens for awhile. There is a lot of amazing tutorials and information on the topic on YouTube. Another big part of the learning process is trial and error. Combine those two things together, and you are on your way to being a microgreens master.

I just want to give a BIG thank you to David from Micro Acres! He was gracious enough to talk with us and give us so much amazing information. If you want to check his company out, look them up on Facebook or their Instagram is @microacres