• Cooper Hamilton

I now want to become a chef

For one of my classes, I had to watch the documentary, Wasted: The Story of Food Waste. First off, rest and peace to the main narrator, Anthony Bourdain; he was an absolute legend. This documentary was produce a couple years back and it focuses on the global food waste pandemic that we currently face. We waste so much food, especially in the U.S., that it actually makes you sick to your stomach. I don't want to misquote any numbers, you can check out the documentary here, but they are really crazy (and not in a good way).

Anyways, I am terrible with throwing away food and eating at fast food restaurants, and I think for once, this film actually knocked some sense into my head. If the average human started studying food and learning about all of its amazing properties, especially when it goes bad, we could eliminate so much food waste. If we start to learn more about the food we are cooking and appreciate ALL of the ingredients we are using, we can really reduce our food waste. The chefs they interview in this are super awesome and they just make you realize that cooking wholesome food is really amazing.

I highly, highly recommend that everyone check out this film. It is not boring at all, and makes you realize that small actions really can make a major difference.