Open Board Position Descriptions: Email to apply

Urban Agriculture Director

10 hours/week during semesters, 15 hours/week in the summer - $10.50/hr  (Apply by March 15th)


  • Campus Growing Spaces

    • Learn about and implement urban agriculture techniques, including but not limited to vertical planting, companion planting, container gardening and succession planting in small spaces

    • Plan and lead at least one 2-hour public workday during the spring and summer semester

    • Greenhouse seed propagation in March in collaboration with the Farm Directors

    • Plan for spring planting during the winter season

    • Lead regular weekly rooftop garden workdays during the summer

    • Grow, harvest and transport vegetables to weekly harvest handouts

  • Full Cycle Freight

    • Purchasing supplies and updating inventory log

    • Maintaining equipment, such as bikes and trailers

    • Plans and leads FCF internship

    • Hire, train and coordinate routes with bike interns

    • Work with Education Director to create community between FCF interns and Farm interns

    • Maintain relationship with bike storage location (ACG basement)

    • Create partnerships with local businesses and apartments for compost pick-ups

    • Quantify, report and archive yearly food waste collections

  • Education

    • Serve as a liaison between F.H. King and other urban agriculture resources

    • Research, design and implement new urban agriculture techniques and practices such as hydroponics, vermicompost, aquaponics, etc.

    • Guide and support interns in projects related to urban agriculture

    • Focus and emphasis on reusing salvaged materials in projects

  • Hydroponics

    • Maintain system

    • Start seeds

    • Organize maintenance schedule with governance committee

    • Maintain relationship with Hillel (David)

  • Governance Committee

    • Meet regularly with committee

    • Organize programming with committee

    • Organize workdays with committee

  • Misc. Responsibilities

    • Manage beehive

The Urban Agriculture Directors will search out new growing spaces on campus and maintain current sites such as but not limited to the GLC greenhouse and the Bascom Hill plot, researching and implementing urban agriculture techniques, leading workdays, and harvesting crops. The Urban Agriculture Directors will oversee the Full Cycle Freight bike compost program, maintaining equipment, training interns, and creating partnerships with local businesses and residencies for compost pickup. The Urban Agriculture Directors will research and implement new urban agriculture practices with an emphasis on educating membership and community members. The Urban Agriculture directors will work with the Farm directors to manage the beehive. The UA directors will maintain hydroponics system, researching and implementing techniques and new equipment as possible.

Programming Director

15 hours/week year-round - $10.50/hr  (Apply by March 22nd)


  • Seasonal Events (Garden Fest, Harvest Fest, Semester Kickoffs)

    • Responsible for coordinating the logistics for the annual Garden and Harvest fests, including facilitating location, food, music, programmatic content, transportation, and a rain plan

    • Works closely with Communication Director to communicate about and advertise the event

    • Works closely with Finance Director to plan purchases for these events, the earlier the better

  • Regular Events

    • Programming director plans a minimum of monthly events (speakers, workshops, movie screenings, etc.)

    • Responsible for orchestrating logistics, ensuring quality of content, and recording this process

    • Works with Financial Director and Administrative Director to properly spend Programming budget lines on events and record spending

  • Misc. Responsibilities

    • Works intimately with the Education Director throughout the season, supporting the summertime internship program and receiving support for off-season events

    • Maintains existing contacts with regular programming partners, forges new connections with other professionals and organizations for the purpose of programming partnerships

    • Crowdsources workshop and programing content from the FHK community by gauging interest and skill in various topics

    • Works with the Outreach Director to seek partnerships with other student orgs and to ensure all events are enthusiastically promoted

    • Creates semester-long calendar in tandem with Education Director and works with the Outreach Director to make sure it is well-communicated and advertised

    • Works with the Admin Director to archive events and keep a record of the event planning process and associated paperwork on the Google Drive

The Programming Director will coordinate and direct both biannual events—including semester kickoff events and garden festivals— and smaller unique or recurring events— such as workshops or speeches. The programming director will support the Education Director with the summer internship program. The Programming Director will search for and maintain connections with programmatic partners, and survey the F.H. King community for programming content. The Programming Director will work with the Outreach and Administrative Directors to ensure that programming is well-promoted and recorded.

Garden Assistants

12 hours/week during semesters, 15 hours/week in the summer - $10.50/hr (Apply by March 22nd)

  • Misc. Responsibilities

    • Work in coordination with the Garden and Urban Agriculture Directors to manage our growing space at Eagle Heights Community Gardens

    • Care for the beehives

    • Maintain an inventory of farm tools and equipment at the farm

    • General farm maintenance and production duties during the growing season, including harvesting for our weekly Harvest Handouts


"The Keep"

1021 University Ave, Madison, WI 53715


3016 Eagle Heights Drive, Madison, WI

If parking, go to 70 Eagle Heights Drive Madison, WI