Open Board Position Descriptions:
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Education Director

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8* hours/week during the school year, 15 hours/week during the summer

*These hours will be changing to 11 hours/week as of Fy 22/23

  • Summer Garden Internship Program (Summer)

    • Manage internship application process and ensure that the garden has the volunteer labor required to run in the summer

    • Develop syllabus and curriculum, including weekly workshops, field trips, guest speakers; communicate with Farm Directors

    • Manage logistics for field trips and coordinate with guest speakers

    • Facilitate weekly workshops on topics relevant to our mission

    • Communicate with Summer Garden interns frequently, keeping them up to date with logistics and upcoming events

    • Be present at the Eagle Heights Garden throughout the growing season 

      • Act as a support for Garden Team and intermediary between interns and directors

      • Develop a relationship with interns 

    • Engage interns after internship is finished

  • Design and implement programming in partnership with Programming Director; programming should occur roughly 3-4 times per month during the school year (this can include committee/club events)

    • Book and coordinate a monthly speaker series related to land, food, and community; assist in planning and coordination of other monthly workshops

    • Work collaboratively with outreach and programming directors to increase attendance by F.H. King community members at these events; ensure attendance is accounted for; ensure all events have documented outreach

    • Ensure that the food and/or supplies advertised in the event description are provided at the event; alert finance director of any purchases in timely manner

    • Ensure that F.H. King programming led by Program Director beyond Education Director responsibilities go smoothly 

  • Co-facilitate committees with programming director 

    • Organize committee structures; explain committees to new members; collaborate with outreach director to promote committees

    • Communicate with Neighborhood house to create engagement schedule for Education committee members to present at

    • Coordinate tabling opportunities for Education Committee

    • Support urban ag and farm directors in the facilitation of their committees

    • Host Monthly club meetings that include all committees

  • Maintain Raised Garden bed**

    • Commit 3 hours per week to management of garden bed

    • Ensure garden bed is maintained, including planting, weeding, harvesting

    • Prepare monthly programming at the bed

    • Communicate with Office of Sustainability to coordinate care of bed

    • Collaborate with the Office of Sustainability and Residence Life coordinators to design and implement programming 

    • Support Urban Ag directors in allocating 2 hours per week to bed (one hour per director)

  • Maintain Liaison and Advocacy Positions

    • Maintain position as F. H King representative in the Food Sustainability Working Group, run by the Office of Sustainability

      • Attend weekly committee meetings

      • Attend monthly whole group meetings

      • Report important updates to F. H. King Board

    • Maintain position as F. H. King representative on Food Justice Collective

      • Report important updates to F. H. King Board

    • Actively communicate with Organic Collaborative

Program Director

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10 hours/week during the school year, 15 hours/week during the summer

  • Seasonal Events (Garden Fest, Harvest Fest, Semester Kickoffs)

    • Responsible for coordinating the logistics for the annual Garden and Harvest fests, including facilitating location, food, music, programmatic content, transportation, and a rain plan

    • Works closely with Outreach Director to communicate about and advertise the event

    • Works closely with Finance Director to plan purchases for these events, the earlier the better

  • Regular events

    • Programming director plans a minimum of monthly events (speakers, workshops, movie screenings, etc).

    • Responsible for orchestrating logistics, ensuring quality of content, and recording this process

    • Works with Financial Director and Administrative Director to properly spend Programming budget lines on events and record spending

  • Club meetings

    • Programming director works closely with the Education Director to plan monthly FHK club meetings. 

    • Within the club, Programming Director manages Education Committee and plan biweekly programs for them

    • Education Committee events can range from table trivia at dining halls to working with local organizations for education initiatives

  • Works intimately with the Education Director throughout the season, supporting the summertime internship program and receiving support for off-season events

  • Maintains existing contacts with regular programmatic partners, forges new connections with other professionals and organizations for the purpose of programmatic partnerships

  • Crowdsources workshop and programming content from the FHK community by gauging interest and skill in various topics

  • Works with the Outreach Director to seek partnerships with other student orgs and to ensure all events are enthusiastically promoted

  • Creates semester long calendar in tandem with education director and works with Communication director to make sure it is well-communicated and advertised

  • Work with Administrative Director to archive events and keep record of the event planning process and associated paperwork on the Google Drive

General Board Member:

  • Communicate with the board consistently and effectively

  • Attend weekly board meetings

    • Complete agenda section before each meeting, preferably 24hrs in advance

  • Participate in Harvest Handouts

    • Promote events & programs during Handouts

    • Assist with setup and teardown

  • Support other Director positions as requested

    • Assist with programming

    • Volunteer in farm

    • Volunteer on rooftop

    • Support Budget eligibility and defense

    • Support outreach initiatives

  • Participate in running “key events"

    • Farm Fest

    • Harvest Fest

    • Spring/Fall Kickoff

    • Community Forum

  • When we have an office in the SAC: Attend weekly office hours (minimum determined annually, currently 4/week)

    • Weekly meeting with work partner

  • Attend Tri-Annual Mission and Vision Sessions

    • Re-evaluate bylaws

    • Re-evaluate position descriptions & requirements

  • Participate in tri-annual peer evaluations

  • Record keeping of your tenure on the board