Open Board Position Job Descriptions

Finance Director

14 hours/week during semesters, 12 hours/week in the Summer 


  • Intra-board Financial Administration

    • Leads onboarding process for each new board member (specifically payroll)

    • Weekly engagement (office Hours) with Administrative Director

    • Co-administer payroll approval and management with Administrative Director

    • Completing the mid-year report and end-of-year report

    • Understanding and ensuring all SSFC (Student Services Financial Committee) and ASM (Associated Students of Madison) funding policies are not violated

  • Eligibility

    • Complete eligibility application every 2 years with Administrative Director 

    • Present to the SSFC every 2 years with Administrative Director (next time is 2020) 

  • Drafting the annual budget w/the Administrative Director

    • Provides thorough and consistent updates to the board throughout this process, asks for feedback on what spending lines should be increased/decreased 

    • Altering the budget when necessary

    • Presenting the budget proposal to the SSFC in the Fall w/ Administrative Director

    • Accurately maintaining the GSSF (General Student Services Fund) approved budget

  • Acting as a GSSF liaison

    • Meeting once a week with Mani (ASM Financial Specialist) 

    • Maintaining relationships with others in the ASM office 

      • Nagamani Adibhatla (SSFC Financial Specialist)

      • Rich Sterkowitz (Assistant Director of Financial Services)

      • Ray Scanlon (Financial Specialist)

      • Maddy Raudenbush (Financial Specialist)

  • Managing Organizational purchases

    • Communicating with other board members about purchases that need to be made for upcoming programming, the garden, etc. (weekly basis) 

    • Overseeing the purchasing of supplies and materials through Financial Specialist

      • Crafting justifications for purchases made 

    • Financial reporting: keeping track of all purchases that are made on Excel

      • Going over monthly reconciliation document to ensure all purchases that have been made are recorded 

    • Provide a detailed excel/spreadsheet of purchases that have been made by directors 

      • Who purchased the item, where was it from, what was it for, when was it purchased, steps that have been made in order to reimburse the director


The Finance Director will be responsible for intra-board financial administration, including onboarding new board members, biannual reports, and ensuring no violations of SSFC or ASM financial policy. The Finance Director will work with the administrative director for the biennial GSSF eligibility application and the annual budget proposal. The Finance Director will act as the organization’s GSSF liaison, meeting weekly with the ASM financial specialist and maintaining professional relationships with GSSF and ASM staff. Finally, the Finance Director will administer all organizational purchases and reimbursements.


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