Our statement in regards to the Black Lives Matter Movement:

We, F.H. King: Students for Sustainable Agriculture stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement.


For over forty years, F.H. King has strived to connect land, food and the Madison community; however, this mission is impossible when Black and Brown bodies continuously experience violence at the hands of the state. We cannot use this land to feed and engage our community when all members cannot stand upon it safely. 


As an organic farm we recognize that all of the knowledge we use today originated from indigenous people– we work on stolen land, in a country built by forced labor. We also acknowledge that we are funded by an institution that continues to harm its Black and Brown students through their deafening silence, an institution we will challenge to grow. Despite this funding and our association with the university and its student government, F.H. King will not perpetuate their divisive narrative. We will not support any effort to conform methods of protest to an oppressor’s definition of peaceful; F.H. King refuses to stand in opposition to an oppressed people’s rebellion.


As a historically white farming organization benefiting from white supremacy capitalism, we intend to amplify BIPOC voices while we continue to educate and examine ourselves. In an effort to do so, we are looking to the leadership involved with Urban Triage, Freedom Inc. and the youth leading Impact Demand. 


F.H. King, as an organization has plenty of work to do and we encourage the F.H. King community to endeavor in this work alongside us. 

  • Educate yourself

  • Donate 

  • Petition

  • Write to your representative

  • Protest

  • Support Black voices. 


"The Keep"

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