Harvest Handouts

F.H. King developed the Harvest Handouts program in order to deliver to high-quality, sustainably grown produce to the UW-Madison community free of charge. Every Friday at 2:00 PM from about June to October (depending on the length of the growing season), you can find us distributing produce to students and UW-Madison community members  on Library Mall. Bring a reusable bag and grab your share from our Eagle Heights and Rooftop Garden!

During the height of our growing season, we can distribute more than 400 pounds of produce during Harvest Handouts! We use our Full Cycle Freight bikes and trailers to sustainably transport the produce from our Student Farm at the Eagle Heights Garden to East Campus Mall for Harvest Handouts. We're always looking for help at handouts; feel free to drop by and lend a hand.

If you have questions or comments about the harvest handouts, please email the Garden Directors at fhking.garden@gmail.com


"The Keep"

1021 University Ave, Madison, WI 53715


3016 Eagle Heights Drive, Madison, WI

If parking, go to 70 Eagle Heights Drive Madison, WI