Finance Director

The Finance Director is responsible for F.H. King's financial administration, including training new board members, creating biannual finance reports, and ensuring no violations of financial policy. They work with the administrative director for the biennial GSSF eligibility application and the annual budget proposal. Additionally, the Finance Director administers all organizational purchases and reimbursements.

Liliana is a rising junior and a Madison native. She is pursuing a degree in International Studies with certificates in Development Economics and Public Policy. Liliana is interested in learning about the


Finance Director

Liliana Teniente

interconnectedness of politics, economics and social justice issues, and has a strong passion for discovery, cultivation and service to the community. Liliana hopes to ultimately work in the realm of policy-making to address issues that affect our broader society and determine appropriate action that brings justice to all individuals. While working at F.H. King, Liliana is excited to contribute to empowering communities by exploring our relationship with the natural environment and others.



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