Full Cycle Freight

We are excited to announce we just got permission from UW to run our Full Cycle Freight Bike Compost program for the 2021 season! Full Cycle Freight (FCF) is a community-wide composting program that F.H. King introduced in 2010. From April to October, our FCF interns pick up food waste from local residencies, businesses, restaurants, and cafés that are used for composting at our Student Farm in the Eagle Heights Garden. Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, we use bikes attached to 8-foot, 400-pound capacity trailers for FCF collection. We also use these bikes and trailers to transport produce for our Harvest Handouts program.


If you are interested in picking up, fill out the form here!

If you are interested in participating as a restaurant, fill out the form here!

Or, if you have any questions feel free to message our Urban Ag Directors via email at fhking.urbanag@gmail.com.