Farm Directors

The Farm Directors are the stewards of our land in the Eagle Heights Community Gardens, researching, planning, and implementing sustainable agriculture practices. They strive to innovate and set an excellent example of land stewardship and maintain F.H. King’s rep in the gardens. They are also in charge of the Harvest Handouts program, leading the harvest and coordinating the handout during the growing season.

Farm Director

Jenny Zinniker


Jenny Zinniker is a Sophomore pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Community and Environmental Sociology. She grew up in East Troy, Wisconsin on her family’s small biodynamic and

organic farm. Jenny’s interest in sustainable agriculture was influenced by her upbringing and work on the farm, as well as her educational path which included environmentally oriented schools, like Conserve School. She is excited to continue working on sustainable agriculture and to help facilitate access to healthy, organic foods in the UW and local Madison community, while getting to work outside with the plants.

Farm Director

Paul Lema


Paul is a Sophomore studying Biological Systems Engineering. He has a deep passion for creating new sustainable agricultural practices in order to preserve the land we call home. His love for the environment

stems from generations of subsistence farmers in the mountains of Ecuador he is proud to call family. He believes there is a certain beauty in producing food with your bare hands, and wants to help others experience this for themselves. While most of his time is spent around plants, he’s never far from his next project, and is always happy to talk about what weird contraption he’s building now!


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