Education Director

The Education Director oversees the summer garden internships, the First Year Council during the fall semester, and the project internship program. They strive to foster an inclusive and vibrant intern community. Additionally, they coordinate and facilitate the monthly speaker series related to land, food, and community.

Sophia Webber is a sophomore studying Community and Environmental Sociology with certificates in Global Health, Food Systems, and Gender and Women’s Studies. She loves pretending to run


Education Director

Sophia Webber

errands as an excuse to walk on campus and listen to music, obsessing over podcasts, and getting really riled up about food justice. She is interested in the intersections of gender equity and agroecology and imagining the ways they might coalesce to lift people up. Sophia hopes to work in rural areas to elevate the voices and knowledge within them and reconnect community members to the food they produce. She is excited for her time in F. H. King as it honors the inextricable connections between people, food, and the land.


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