Board of Directors

F.H. King is directed by a nine-member board of UW undergraduate and graduate students. Board members are required to serve one-year terms, but encouraged to stay two years. The F.H. King board of directors is nonhierarchical — each director has a significant degree of independence, board members are held accountable by each other, and major decision making is decentralized. Our nonhierarchical structure makes us more flexible and resilient, and addresses the problem of turnover, the need for accountability, and the importance of empowerment.

All members of the F.H. King Board of Directors share certain responsibilities, including assisting with programming and events, volunteering in the garden, and participating in major events. All Directors must attend weekly board meetings and office hours, as well as quarterly Mission & Vision sessions, and participate in quarterly peer evaluations.

To view the full-length position descriptions for the board of directors, view the google doc linked here.

Current Board Members

Jenny (She/Her)

Jenny is a junior pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Community and Environmental Sociology. She grew up in East Troy, Wis. on her family’s small biodynamic and organic farm. Her interest in sustainable agriculture was influenced by her upbringing and work on the farm, as well as her educational path which included environmentally-oriented schools, like Conserve School. She is excited to continue working on sustainable agriculture and to help facilitate access to healthy, organic foods in the UW and local Madison community, while getting to work outside with the plants.


Farm Director

Jenny Zinniker

Ava (She/Her)

Ava is a junior studying Botany with certificates in French and Environmental Studies. She loves to explore ways of creating and currently enjoys weaving with both beads and naturally sourced materials. Her relationship with food continually informs my love and respect for plants and the systems to which they belong. She hopes to further the integration of ecological dynamics with practices of sustainable agriculture. Caring for a garden is often a means of caring for herself, and she is excited to be a part of an organization that fosters such connections between people and land.


Farm Director

Ava Padilla

Picture for Bio.jpeg
Ian (He/Him)

Ian is a sophomore studying Biology. Some of his interests outside of FHK include playing rugby for UW-Madison's club team and drawing. In high school, Ian worked at a nature center that centered their work around spreading environmental curiosity and respect. This internship amplified his passion for learning about the environment and sustainable practices. Working with FHK gives him a unique opportunity to build upon his pre-existing enthusiasm for sustainable agriculture and environmental preservation. His goal is to inspire others to feel the same way.


Urban Ag Director

Ian Moret

Chris (He/Him)

Chris is a sophomore studying Finance with certificates in Food Systems and Chinese. His vision at F.H. King is to inspire people to become self-sufficient and guide them through the learning process of growing, finding and preparing their own food. He currently spends most of his time doing the “Wim Hof Method” and foraging for wild plants. Aside from these weird hobbies, he also enjoys learning foreign languages and playing blues rock or boogie woogie piano.


Urban Ag Director

Chris Hastings

Sophia (She/Her)

Sophia is a junior studying Community and Environmental Sociology with certificates in Global Health, Food Systems, and Gender and Women’s Studies. She gets really riled up about food justice. She is interested in the intersections of gender equity and agroecology and imagining the ways they might coalesce to lift people up. She hopes to work in rural areas to elevate the voices and knowledge within them and reconnect community members to the food they produce. She is also excited for her time in F. H. King as it honors the inextricable connections between people, food and the land.


Education Director

Sophia Webber

Keagan (She/Her)

Keagan is a junior studying Journalism! After a year of receiving free veggies, she was green with envy knowing she wasn’t on the FHK Board. Though she hasn’t dabbled in environmental studies, Keagan believes protecting our environment and practicing sustainability is pertinent to … everything and everyone.  She is eager to learn more about sustainable food systems and how she can support the UW-Madison community through engaging programming. In her free time, Keagan enjoys wandering cute Madison neighborhoods, listening to well-produced podcasts and staring aimlessly into lakes. 


Programming Director

Keagan Schlosser

Harrison (He/Him)

Harrison is a junior from Milwaukee, Wis. currently pursuing a Journalism degree. While his degree isn't related to sustainable agriculture, he comes from a family background filled with sustainable practices, including a 200 square foot garden, two rain barrels and a compost bin at home! He is most interested in learning about environmental racism and food inequality. He is committed to helping F.H. King in their efforts to raise awareness of sustainable agriculture and educate the community on environmental issues.


Outreach Director

Harrison Freuck

F.H. King.jpg
Nixie (She/Her)

Nixie is a sophomore studying Economics, Mathematics and Swahili. She was born in New York City but raised primarily in Madison, facilitating her appreciation of space for gardens and anything green. She hopes to use her financial skills to increase the reach of F.H. King and ensure all projects are fully funded. When she's not working, you can find her playing the guitar and piano or hiking around Northern Wisconsin.


Finance Director

Nixie Koch

Image from iOS.jpg
Majenta (She/Her)

Majenta is a freshman hoping to study Landscape Architecture or Urban Planning with a Food Systems certificate at UW-Madison. Interested in the ways urban planning policies have contributed to food apartheid, she hopes to use her studies as well as her work at Troy Farms and  F.H. King to help make fresh food accessible to everyone. In her free time, she enjoys crocheting, reading, rollerblading, and laying in the sun trying to grow roots and photosynthesize.


Administrative Director

Majenta Stuntebeck