Board of Directors

F.H. King is directed by a nine-member board of UW undergraduate and graduate students. Board members are required to serve one-year terms, but encouraged to stay two years. The F.H. King board of directors is nonhierarchical — each director has a significant degree of independence, board members are held accountable by each other, and major decision making is decentralized. Our nonhierarchical structure makes us more flexible and resilient, and addresses the problem of turnover, the need for accountability, and the importance of empowerment.

All members of the F.H. King Board of Directors share certain responsibilities, including assisting with programming and events, volunteering in the garden, and participating in major events. All Directors must attend weekly board meetings and office hours, as well as quarterly Mission & Vision sessions, and participate in quarterly peer evaluations.

To view the full-length position descriptions for the board of directors, view the google doc linked here.

Current Board Members

Farm Director

Jenny Zinniker


Farm Director

Ava Padilla

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Urban Ag Director

Ian Moret

Urban Ag Director

Chris Hastings

Education Director

Sophia Webber


Programming Director

Keagan Schlosser


Outreach Director

Harrison Freuck

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Finance Director

Nixie Koch

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Administrative Director

Majenta Stuntebeck


"The Keep"

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3016 Eagle Heights Drive, Madison, WI

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