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This page is dedicated to media currently highlighted by F.H. King that was either created by us or simply enjoyed by us and also relates to our mission. Content could be ranging anywhere from videos, podcasts, online articles and more.

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This is an article discussing a different avenues that people are turning to in order to grow vegetables during times of national struggle. For example, Oregon State is making their online gardening program free to help people grow a garden during the Covid-19 pandemic. The article goes over a few other examples as well. Community and personal gardens are every more important in times like now! - Cooper 4/28/20

This is a super neat video that delves into the topic of hydroponic farming and aeroponic farming. This facility set up by True Garden is one of the coolest farms I have ever seen. If this video doesn't get you excited about the future of farming, I don't know what will. - Cooper 4/27/20


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