Other Groups on Campus

UW-Madison has a vibrant community of student organizations dedicated to sustainability, food justice, alternative ag, and environmental issues.

Food Resource Coalition: a network of students passionate about ending hunger on the UW campus.

Wisconsin Student Climate Action Committee: A group of UW Students affiliated with many environmental, sustainability, and climate justice groups on campus dedicated to action in the face of the climate crisis.

Youth Climate Action Team, Wisconsin Chapter: A youth-governed organization dedicated to climate action in Wisconsin. 

OpenSeat: the campus food pantry, run by students, for students: dedicated to ending hunger on the UW campus. Funded by an ASM grant and governed by UW students.

Slow Food UW: the local branch of Slow Food International, they focus on bringing people together through good, clean, fair food.

Greenhouse Learning Community: a group of students living in the Leopold Residence Hall, specifically oriented around environmental, agricultural, and sustainability issues.


Sierra Student Coalition: the local branch of the National Sierra Student Coalition, dedicated to raising awareness of environmental issues and connect students to the environmental movement.

MANRRS: the UW branch of the national group Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences. The group is dedicated to helping members develop the skills and tools to succeed in the professional world.

Badgers for Conservation: a volunteer-oriented org that gathers opportunities for conservation work in nearby state parks and nature preserves.


Engineers for a Sustainable World: the local chapter of the international Engineers For a Sustainable World. Dedicated to mobilizing engineering students to solve local problems related to sustainability.

Environmental Sciences Organization: a group of environmental sciences students dedicated to improving public awareness of environmental sciences and aid student networking within the field.


REthink Wisconsin: a group of UW students advocating for sustainable waste management practices across the campus community.


Wisconsin Ecology: a network of all kinds of ecology students at UW, dedicated to advocating for ecology and environmental students and providing networking and career development opportunities.

If you would like to add your organization to this list, please send an email with the organization's name, website url, and a short bio to fhking.news@gmail.com .