Beekeeping in Eagle Heights

FH King has been tending to bee hives in Eagle Heights for several years now. Our 2017 bees did not survive the winter, and the 2018 bees were installed mid-May.

We manage the hives for a number of reasons:

Bees are crucial to the success of many plants and lifeforms.  In an effort to pollinate surrounding crops, we provide a home for bees to protect themselves and birth more of our pollinating friends. We also cycle sugar-water for bees to feed on, and ensure the future of the hive by monitoring the health of the queen.​

By keeping hives, we are able to collect delicious honey and scrape off wax to use for candles and balms! We also learn a ton from observing and managing the bees. We gain the practical skills of smoking the hive to temper down the bees; looking for, removing, and/or protecting queen cells; collecting honey, and more. We also take away less practical ideas from beekeping: by spending time with the bees and understanding the way they communicate, we can learn about community, responsibility, connection, and a shared vision.


We love bringing friends out to the hives when conditions are favorable. Our hive is open to visitors who would like to simply observe (without interfering) the hive. We strongly advise against visiting the hive in high heat, and strongly recommend long pants and shirts, along with any gear which might cover bare skin.


Contact the Garden Directors at with inquiries about visiting the hive.